Philip Hogben

Philip Hogben was born in Derbyshire 1945.  He later studied at Winchester School of Art and Derby & District College of Art, specialising in painting and lithography.  By 1966 he had secured work as a studio assistant in Falmouth School of Art, eventually becoming a Senior Lecturer in Fine art by the time of his retirement in 2010.  Since then he has continued to live and work in Cornwall, and has been awarded life membership of the Newlyn Society of Artists.

His first public success as an artist came in 1977 when he won a prize in the Westward Television Open Competition, and he was given his first one man show at Plymouth Arts Centre in 1982. Since then his work has been exhibited regularly in the South West, with further solo shows in Plymouth and in Bath, at the Beaux Arts Gallery.

In 1998 he was awarded the Ferdinand Zweig Travelling Scholarship, travelling to Stockholm to research the work of Evert Lundquist. Around 2000 he received a major, and challenging, commission to paint Godolphin House from the air.  Hogben’s  work more naturally is small in scale, concerning the subjects and landscape which most closely surround him.  However, he rose successfully to the challenge, and the completed work was purchased by the National Trust.

In 2000 he commented ‘My recent work has been drawn from the landscape, around the north west of Helston where I live.  Once farmed by my wife’s family, it is an area of hills and high ground reminding me of the landscape of my Derbyshire childhood.’

And more recently: ‘The paintings I make reflect a way of life I was born to and today I have chosen to live.  They mark the comings and goings, the changes of season which are so apparent to those who live in the countryside.  They are made as directly as possible in my own locality or in the studio where the motif is often domestic.  They involve light, time and change and the viewpoint is important.  They don’t usually happen very quickly, I paint through them again and again until there is nothing more to be done.’

Philip Hogben    Self Portrait II

Philip Hogben    English Plums

Philip Hogben    Harvest Table

Philip Hogben    Heat

Philip Hogben    Large Plate

Philip Hogben    Newham Oak

Philip Hogben    Oranges and Tangerines

Philip Hogben    Drawing

Philip Hogben    Cornfield at Trevarno

Philip Hogben    A Patch of Light

Philip Hogben    Cantaloupe

Philip Hogben    Divers

Philip Hogben    Kindling Basket