Philip Clayton

Plein air painting in oil

Philip Clayton was born in Wiltshire (1960) and trained at Central St, Martins, London. He has combined his life as a painter with a long career in art education, and until recently was Head of Art at Yeovil college in Somerset.  Philip has exhibited regularly in London, the South West and the former Soviet Union.

Painting in a direct and spontaneous manner, verging towards abstraction, his work is an immediate response to the visual world.

“The most important thing is to be able to relate instinctively to ones surroundings and by working directly in front of the subject in all weathers makes for the perfect challenge. My subject matter is usually landscape or buildings, the quiet kind, the kind you often miss, but by looking, and looking again, the true beauty of an ordinary scene evolves during the process of painting. I am a colourist that’s what it is all about for me, colour and marks and recording the essence of what may or may not be there tomorrow.”

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Philip Clayton


Philip Clayton   Red Parasols, Old Town Square   oil on board   26×31.5 cm   2013   £325


Philip Clayton   St. Junien from the Square   SOLD


Philip Clayton   Summer Crop   oil on board   60x60cm   2013   £600


Philip Clayton   La Vienne   SOLD


Philip Clayton   Le Patron   oil on board   35×31 cm   2013   £325


Philip Clayton   Les Halles aux Grains, St. Junien   oil on board   31x33cm   2013   £325

Philip Clayton    Le Peumochat, Maison Nanette   SOLD


Philip Clayton    Le Peumochat, Maison Robert    oil on board    60×60 cm    2012    £600


Philip Clayton    Maison dans le Jardin    oil on canvas    55×47 cm    2012    £600

Philip Clayton   Chateau Guillaume   oil on canvas   60×60 cm   2011   £650


Philip Clayton   The Avon at Bath   oil on board   35×39 cm   2012   £450


Philip Clayton   The Crescent, Bath   oil on board   34×39 cm   2012   £450


Philip Clayton   Working the Thames   SOLD


Philip Clayton   Low Tide   SOLD


Philip Clayton   Pour Renover   oil on canvas   60×60 cm   2012   £550


Philip Clayton   Rain Storm at St Junien   SOLD


Philip Clayton    Mobilette    oil on canvas    55×46 cm    2011    £600


Philip Clayton    Past and Present II    oil on canvas    125×125 cm    2013    £1100


Philip Clayton    Past and Present France    SOLD