Mary Mabbutt

Mary Mabbutt is a painter whose career has spanned four decades. She has taught for many years on the BA Fine Art course at University College Falmouth and also as a visiting lecturer to a number of other Fine Art courses in England and Wales.

She has shown work in solo and mixed exhibitions throughout her career at the New Grafton and Paton Galleries and was chosen to be Artist of the Day at Flowers Central. She was a prize-winner in the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 19 and was short-listed for the Ruth Borchard Self -Portrait Prize.

Her work is held in a number of public and private collections including The Arts Council, London, Usher Gallery Lincoln, Ruth Borchard Collection, Robert and Susan Summer New York and the Metropolitan Museum, New York.


Artist Notes

My paintings emerge from the apparently ordinary world of everyday surroundings, depicting the spaces and places of my life formed by particular qualities of lived experience.


The paintings are initially derived from observation and are then developed with an integration of spatial clarity and carefully structured colour relationships. In the process of my paintings I hope to transform moments of transience into images of permanence.

Mary Mabbutt


Mary Mabbutt    A Comfortable Chair 2017    oil on canvas    60x60cm


Mary Mabbutt    Autumn 2016    oil on canvas    40x40cm


Mary Mabbutt    Coloured Chairs 3    2016    oil on canvas 3   8x38cm


Mary Mabbutt    Grey Studio 2009    oil on canvas    90x90cm


Mary Mabbutt    Red and Yellow

Mary Mabbutt    Red Table

Mary Mabbutt    January Portrait 2 2017    oil on board    25_5x25_5cm


Mary Mabbutt    Portrait Red Studio 2016    oil on canvas    122x122cm


Mary Mabbutt    Red Studio2 2014    oil on canvas    122x122cm


Mary Mabbutt    Summer Head 2016    oil on canvas    90x90cm


Mary Mabbutt    Warm Room 2016    oil on canvas    90x90cm


Mary Mabbutt    Red Jacket

Mary Mabbutt    Red Kitchen

Mary Mabbutt exhibition