Hilary Goddard

Contemporary landscape painting in oil

Hilary Goddard studied painting and sculpture at the Southern College of Art Portsmouth from 1952 – 56 and then at Bournemouth and Southampton University from 1956 – 57. She moved to Devon in the sixties where she continues to live and work.

Hilary has been exhibiting professionally for over 5 decades in prestigious venues such as the Mall Galleries London, Royal West of England Academy Bristol and the V &A Museum. She was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1999 and was member of the Kenn Group of Artists, Paperweight and the Exeter Letterers. Her work can be found in public and private collections in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Between 1970 and 1993 Hilary was the Head of Fine Art at the highly regarded Maynards School in Exeter. Her passion for art and teaching inspired generations of students and gave the school a serious and enduring reputation for Fine Art.

Hilary Godard is a multi skilled artist and although her desire to paint using oil on canvas has led her career she is equally talented at sculpture and calligraphy.

At an exhibition at The Art Room gallery in Topsham, 12th June to 3rd July 2011, her paintings offered an insight into Hilary’s observations of nature and mankind’s emotional and spiritual response to it. She reminds us of its power; the enormity of land mass, cloud formations, the force of wind and weather, the changing light. She reminds us of its fragility and beauty.

This exhibition celebrated Hilary’s long and productive career as an artist and leading educationalist. Older paintings and her current work sat together to show an extraordinarily creative journey.

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Hilary Goddard


Hilary Goddard    Study for portrait of Kay


Hilary Goddard    Plantation Autumn Study    oil on paper    24x18cm    1974    £600


Hilary Goddard    Study for Plantation Walk    oil on paper    29x19cm    1976    £600


Hilary Goddard    Winter Sun    SOLD


Hilary Goddard    Tranquility    oil on canvas    48x30in    2008    £1800


Hilary Goddard    Now is the Time for Mid-Summers Farewell    oil on canvas    48x30in    2010    £3250


Hilary Goddard    Elegy    oil on canvas    36x24in    2006    £1650


Hilary Goddard    Tintagel study for Diptych

Hilary Goddard    Whimple Orchard Spring    oil on canvas    2000    £3250


Hilary Goddard    Autumn Dusk II Strete Ralegh    oil on panel    21x25cm    £500


Hilary Goddard    AutumnDusk    oil on panel    21x25cm    2011    £500


Hilary Goddard   Oats in May    oil    2012    20x20cm    35×35 including frame    £300


Hilary Goddard    Early Summer Fields in May   oil    2012    20x20cm    35×35 including frame    £300


Hilary Goddard    Kilve Incoming Tide     oil on panel    30x30cm    £500


Hilary Goddard    Faraway    oil on canvas    40x51cm    1989    £1200


Hilary Goddard    Pebbly Flints    oil on board    20x20cm    2011    £500


Hilary Goddard    Equinox Autumn Strete Ralegh    SOLD


Hilary Goddard    Kilve Strata    SOLD


Hilary Goddard    Tintagel


Hilary Goddard    Walk to Stairway Kilve