Fragments and Details

5th December 2009 to 24th January 2010

Held at The Art Room, Topsham

Chris Garratt, Michael Hardy, Daniel-Holmes-Adams, Charlotte Moore and Richard Sowman.

Deborah Wood brought these artists together to create an exhibition to celebrate the tradition of painting. She first commissioned Chris Garratt to paint again after his many years absence pursuing a career in education, media writing and music. The suggested subject was still-life and the paintings that emerged were outstanding in detail; the layers of oil glazes applied over many weeks gave a translucent and almost photographic quality.

Michael Hardy was invited to make portrait paintings and chose a variety of subjects, some from life and some from photographs. The resulting paintings showed individuals reflecting on themselves and their relationship to the world. The painting ‘Gustav Mahler, 1910’ shows the composer in New York having just accepted the post of conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and already seriously ill. ‘Zahra, 2009’ is a portrait of prominent Iranian author and sculptor Zahra Rahnavard, her striking eyes revealing a turbulent life. Michaels career change from Diplomat to artist in his 6th decade was inspirational and his work is striking.

Daniel Holmes-Adams had been working in Devon as a professional artist and teacher for the previous 10 years. He had an established reputation as a landscape painter however he was also commissioned to make still life paintings. He produced a vibrant collection of intimate portraits of everyday items in his home. They are a very personal collection of images which demonstrate his knowledge and interest in the alchemy of paint.

Charlotte Moore lives in Bath and works much of her time in Australia. She studied at Falmouth College of Art. Charlotte was invited to show a collection of paintings depicting fragments of ancient ceramics. She works in oil on small individual canvases and then puts them together in panels of 6 or 8 making a montage of collected fragments as you might find in a museum drawer.

Richard Sowman was taught by Francis Hewlett at Falmouth College and his paintings of ‘interiors’ show the influence of this great artist and the Slade style of teaching handed down from tutor to student. Richard is an extremely accomplished and much collected painter. His ability to catch the light travelling through windows and doors is exceptional and the series of paintings from his studio in Saltash showed the cool light seeping in through the windows whilst the series made in Portugal showed a beautiful warm light coming through open doors and shuttered windows.

Charlotte Moore    Artroom 193

Chris Garratt    Pomegranates

Daniel Holmes Adams    Tomatoes and Basil

Michael Hardy    Portrait of Man in Cap

Richard Sowman    Interior