Anthony Frost is a tease. The clamour and chatter of his work is almost too distracting. But cover your ears, rely only on your eyes, and voila – he has something to say.

He can tell you about repairing, reforming, shunting, stitching, patching, mending and renaming the apparently everlasting stream of images which compete for attention.

A relentlessly abstract artist, he performs as a painterly surgeon, dashing to prevent a calamitous ooze of blue from escaping with a band aid of scarlet (‘Blue Time’). Dazzlingly colourful images under his care are restored to some kind of sane importance. Potential car crashes are made to sing. And in the quiet corner ‘Strictly Personal II’ rewards contemplation.

Charging himself on ‘The Fall’ and ‘Captain Beefheart’, with a less obvious smattering of ‘Woman’s Hour’ and the afternoon Drama, Frost surges forward with the kind of fervour usually associated with a much younger man. Hellraising over, he is gregarious fun, and his pictures have the same kind of attraction.

Born in St Ives, one of the six children of Terry and Kathleen Frost, with an artist son himself, Anthony is part of that wonderful Cornish collection of artistic dynasties rooted in the area. Despite the absence of overt referencing to the surrounding landscape, common to his contemporaries, the man cannot be taken out of his context.

Maggie Giraud FRSA


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Anthony Frost    BLUE TIME



Anthony Frost exhibition at Malthouse gallery 2017

Anthony Frost exhibition at the Malthouse Gallery 2017