September 9-26

Malthouse Gallery, Town Mill, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3PU

This exhibition is part of a programme curated by Deborah Wood of The Art Room especially for The Malthouse. This time it’s pure abstraction, no gentle expressionist imagery inspired by the natural world, but simple and powerful punches of colour by the hugely successful painter Anthony Frost.

Anthony Frost is one of England’s foremost abstract painters. He lives and works in Cornwall, where he was born in 1951. He studied at Cardiff College of Art and has been exhibiting professionally since 1975. His work can be found in a number of significant corporate collections and major public galleries worldwide.

The work is vibrant and wild, full of colour, part painting, part collage. He is inspired by loud, raw, post-punk music and motivated by the desire to create subconsciously and automatically. A collection of found materials such as pumice, hessian, sail cloth and rubber are applied to canvas to produce completely abstract arrangements. He works fast and free, producing unpredictable and random images which he describes as honest, real and truthful.

“When starting a painting I don’t know the problems I will have to deal with until the painting is well on the go and the secret (for me) is to keep the whole thing on the boil right to the end, so the finished work has that feeling of excitement, speed and danger. I try to take all my paintings to the edge – it is voyage of discovery, full of surprises, problems, accidents (happy accidents that I use to my advantage) and decisions, which all have to be resolved in some crazy way. I attempt with colour and marks to create my own space, rhythms, weight, speed and volume.”

Anthony Frost    AIRHEAD 1991    37×64 inches    £12000

Anthony Frost    ASH AND ICE 2015    24×35 inches    £5000

Anthony Frost    AUTOCHIP 2016    16.5×23 inches    £4500

Anthony Frost    BAT CHAIN PULLER 2011    SOLD

Anthony Frost    BIG COLOUR BLUE 2017    5.5×6.5 inches    £800

Anthony Frost    BIG COLOUR GREY BLUE 2017    6×5 inches    £800

Anthony Frost    BIG COLOUR PURPLE 2017    5.5×4.5 inches    £800

Anthony Frost    BIG COLOUR YELLOW 2017    6×6 inches    £800

Anthony Frost    BLUE TIME 2017    10.5×21.5 inches    £3300

Anthony Frost    DOC AT THE RADAR STATION 2012    30×30 inches    £5500

Anthony Frost    EVERLASTING LIGHT 11 2011    12×32 inches    £3900

Anthony Frost    FALL SOUNDS 111 2015    frame size 12×13.5 inches    £700

Anthony Frost    GREEN SWOOP 2010    frame size 11.5×13 inches    £700

Anthony Frost    IDIOT STRENGTH 2014    47×39.5 inches    £8900

Anthony Frost    MAGIC GUESTS 2009    39×39 inches    £8600

Anthony Frost    MIRROR MAN 2011    34×34 inches    £5600

Anthony Frost    RAIDER 2017    8×12 inches    £1100

Anthony Frost    ROWCHE RUMBLE 2016    12×16 inches    £3500

Anthony Frost    SPACE ECHO 2015    16×22 inches    £3700

Anthony Frost    STRICTLY PERSONAL 11 2013    24×31 inches    £5000

Anthony Frost    YELLOW RUSH 2011    frame size 13×15.5 inches    £700

Anthony Frost    ZONES OF RUST 2012    4×6 inches    £800